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While others run from what goes bump in the night, we go running in!

Meet the Team

Giving back to the Community



Since 2013 we have been giving back to the community.  From making cash donations to charities and local groups to giving over 300 cans of food to our local food bank.


If you want to donate to these charities and/or organizations please click on the pictures.   


As daylight ends the darkness begins, so does the bumps of the night.  The creaks of the floor boards or the feeling of eyes upon you, lets you know that you’re not alone. When you think all has pass, the hairs on the back of your neck stands up telling you, you thought wrong. If you ever experience anything out of the norm, we are there for you. For when others run from what goes bump in the night, we run in.


We are a band of brothers and sisters united to seek the good and evil in the paranormal. With over 15 years of professional paranormal service, we are confident we can shed light on the darkness.


Ghost O.P.S. is a Free Voluntary Organization that conducts paranormal investigation and research.  We are located in Dunkirk, IN.  Our team consists of people ranging from all ages and coming from all religious backgrounds. We provide no cost home and business investigations and is always is confidential.


We use variety of tools that aids in detection the paranormal, from digital recorders to high-tech equipment. Our goal is to help YOU with all of your paranormal needs. 




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